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How to unstuck yourself

There are 2 reasons why you might feel stuck…

First, you simply DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO because you are in your mind and lacking INSPIRATION (feminine polarity).

Second, you already have the clear vision but DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT because you are still trapped in your emotions, and you lack MOTIVATION and PRACTICAL APPLICATION - ACTION (masculine polarity).

True WISDOM and its physical manifestation comes always from integration of both polar opposites (feminine - masculine) and bringing it into harmonious balance.




Therefore, THE FIRST STEP TO UNSTUCK YOURSELF is always to access the “knowing”, the INTUITION to get INSPIRED and know WHAT TO DO.

For that reason it is important to get out of your head, stop thinking about what to do next (masculine) and start feeling instead (feminine).

Lack of inspiration is a message and opportunity to integrate more with the

FEMININE ENERGETIC POLARITY - INTUITIVE- KNOWING that will simply come through you as the “aha moment”.


  • Get out of your linear brain and within your body, connect to the environment surrounding you with all of your senses, be present within yourself, your breath and heart center,

  • Get into any spiritual practice of body-breath awareness like breath-work, kundalini or other yoga variations, qui gong, tai chi, sound healing, anything that connects you within the body and the "meditative state of mind".

  • BE PRESENT. Activate your senses, sensuality, pleasure, open yourself to touch, the feeling yummy in the moment, dance, move to the rhythm of a gentle/sensual music like Hawaiian Hula dance, take a bath with essential oils (feminine energy),

  • TRANSMUTE EMOTIONS. Be intimate with yourself also when it comes to your emotions. We feel in order to connect within the body more and reprogram any "glitches" in our system - the consciousness. Enjoy your journey within fully and transmuting all the shadow emotions, self doubt, self worth, self love... specially those that you have been running away from for a long time, time to sit with them patiently and lovingly.

  • GET CREATIVE. Paint, draw, write, visit an art gallery, watch artsy musical, go to the ballet or simply go out there and surrender yourself with other people - vibratory contagion, quantum entanglement.

  • CONNECT TO THE NATURE. Spend time near a body of water, go out for a walk to the park, do some hiking, jump in the ocean, gift yourself a bouquet of flowers, use herbs for a tea, sage-incense your space.

  • PRAYER-MEDITATION-INTENTION. Do a full moon, self-made ritual with crystals, candles, acoustics, invocations, whatever flows through your believes and imagination

  • Or simply get into the SHAMANIC BODYWORK CEREMONY with me - the all in one experience 😉

  • And most importantly HAVE PATIENCE! Feminine is patient, magnetic, it knows that it’s going to attract everything at the right moment by being and feeling that frequency.

After you have integrated the feminine polarity within you and got INSPIRED with a beautiful knowing/vision of WHAT TO DO,

NOW is the time to shift your awareness into the opposite


That will help to create the force, push, energy momentum for your vision's manifestation in the physical reality. Anything to be build requires energy as EVERYTHING ON A QUANTUM LEVER IS ONLY ENERGY.


  • STIMULATE YOUR MIND. The logical-linear-analytical part of it, play some chess or do some productive brainstorming etc.

  • CREATE THE PLAN OF ACTION. The "game strategy", define the structure, find solutions to problems/obstacles,

  • GET POSITIVE. Step away from any limiting feelings of not being good enough or not having enough resources etc. (you already did your homework here while playing with the feminine polarity, now your focus is on the masculine more!)

  • ACTIVATE THE FIRE ELEMENT in the body to start moving the energy into action-manifestation! Go for a high intensity class like boxing, lift some iron at the gym, play competitive sports, practice kundalini yoga, fire breath (kundalini is a perfect practice for both feminine and masculine polarity integration).

  • EXPRESS YOURSELF OUT-LOUD. Scream, sing to the universe about what you are manifesting. Speak only truth, be authentic in your words and practice gratefulness towards everything. Only if you proudly stand behind the current reality you have created, you can then acknowledge yourself as the master creator and have the full power to create a new one now. The throat center is masculine.

  • CREATE INTUITIVE CEREMONY invoking the Sacred Masculine, the fire element, the energy of "I thrive", the Rocky Balboa with Bruce Lee, enjoy warrior like stimulating dance/body movements, ask for the strength and resilience, motivation and commitment.

  • EXPERIENCE THE SHAMANIC MASSAGE CEREMONY with me, kundalini activation, integration of both feminine-masculine polarities

Side note: we all create our reality differently as we are different energetically. Understanding your "Human Design" specially your Strategy and Authority for example is very helpful in bringing more awareness and so more POWER into this process and my pleasure would be to guide you in it.

Life is a constant dance between opposite polarities.

Feeling stuck and getting yourself unstuck.

Lukasz Darmosz

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