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Welcome to MEWE Shamanic Wellness, your sacred sanctuary for inner transformation. Drawing from ancient shamanic wisdom, astrology, energy work, and quantum medicine, we offer a comprehensive approach to your journey of self-awareness and empowerment.

Discover relief, heal wounds, and awaken your potential with us.

Since 2004, I've been immersed in the practices of massage, energy work, and shamanism, traveling the world and embracing the journey of self discovery and mastery. Drawing from a variety of cultures, I've developed a unique philosophy that blends diverse techniques and perspectives.


Central to my approach is the belief that by engaging our body senses and  guiding the mind into a meditative trance, we unlock the free flow of energy, allowing it to realign with its fullest potential. This holistic integration of body, mind, and spirit is the foundation of my approach.


I merge insights from modern science, particularly quantum medicine and physics, with the timeless wisdom of ancient shamanism passed down by traditions such as the Hawaiian Kahunas, Maori Tohungas, Amazonian Caboclos & Curanderos, Vedic Kundalini Gurus and others. The result is what I call the Shamanic Massage Ceremony—a holistic practice that harmonizes ancient wisdom with contemporary understanding, offering profound benefits for those seeking balance and healing.


  • Worked passionately with medical institutions and numerous spa facilities including beauty, wellness and aesthetic centers in Europe as the leading massage therapist and massage instructor.

  • Creator of Metaphysical Soul Massage technique, a hybrid of modalities including: Lomi Lomi, Ma-Uri, Deep Tissue, Californian, Swedish, Tibetan, Ayurveda, Thai, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, lymphatic Drainage, Aesthetic Therapy, Sport Massage, Orthopedic and Neuromuscular Therapy, and many others...

  • Organized international seminars about metaphysics and quantum physics in massage, body and energy work.

  • Experienced in spa consulting, including development, quality assurance, business process monitoring, service prioritization, recruiting, and service improvement as well as implementation of new and improved services.

  • State of Florida Licensed Massage Therapist (No. MA7628)

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